exactEarth and Harris Corporation Form Strategic Alliance

Exact Earth has announced to put AIS payloads on the next Generation of the Iridium Satellite constelation.

The satellites will be built and deployed by Iridium Communications, with the first one to be launched in March 2016. The full constellation of communications satellites, known as Iridium Next, is scheduled to be in orbit by 2018 at a cost of $3 billion US.

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Exact Earth representative thinks that the Iridium satellite constellation will make the information available immediately. At the moment satellite AIS has always a time delay up to 2-3 hours.

“We will have real time capability everywhere on the globe with no delay,” Mabson said. “With this system it is literally continuous coverage.”

So, the battle between Orbcomm and Exact Earth continues. With this smart move Exact Earth could be the winner of this race between the Canadian and the US company.