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This web site is part of an open, community-based project. It is dedicated in collecting and presenting data which are exploited in research areas, such as but not limited to the following:
– Study of marine telecommunications in respect of efficiency and propagation parameters
– Simulation of vessel movements in order to contribute to the safety of navigation and to cope with critical incidents
– Interactive information systems design
– Design of databases providing real-time information
– Statistical processing of ports traffic with applications in operational research
– Design of models for the spotting of the origin of a pollution
– Design of efficient algorithms for sea path evaluation and for determining the estimated time of ship arrivals
– Correlation of the collected information with weather data
– Cooperation with Institutes dedicated in the protection of the environment
It provides free real-time information to the public, about ship movements and ports, mainly across the coast-lines of many countries around the world. The initial data collection is based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS). They are constantly looking for partners to take part in the community. They will have to install an AIS receiver and share the data of their area with us, in order to cover more areas and ports around the world.


Pole Star

As the leading provider of fleet management, ship security, and fisheries monitoring systems to the maritime industry since 1998, we understand the needs of the maritime sector, and develop innovative and reliable systems that enable our users to monitor and manage their assets worldwide.
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PortVision provides maritime business systems that enhance efficiency, reduce cost, and increase safety and security across the globe. Our PortVision Advantage and PortVision Plus AIS ship tracking services support over 2,000 users worldwide.

Our Enterprise Systems division provides enterprise class solutions for marine terminals and fleet operators. Optimize your marine terminal with TerminalSmart and our Dock Management System. Manage a fleet of workboats or ocean-going vessels? Then enhance your fleet operations with PortVision TriMode and our Fleet Management System. Tap into PortVision’s 30-billion record data warehouse for historical reporting, animated incident playback, AIS data, and business intelligence. Support demurrage forecasting and analysis, incident response, market research, compliance, training, negotiation, and litigation activities.

PortVision empowers maritime users with new levels of information and knowledge about vessel and terminal activities. Whatever your job function is on the waterway, knowledge is power. And PortVision gives you this power 24/7.


Ship Finder

Shipfinder.co is the live vessel tracking and ship tracker app from Pinkfroot. Using AIS watch boats, cruise ships and other vessels across the world in real time.



ShipTracks is the leader in AIS-based vessel tracking, reporting and management services. Track your vessels, your customers’ vessels, your suppliers’ vessels and service vessels all in real-time through a highly customizable interactive display. Our cutting-edge suite of tools will save you time, money and will likely transform your business



SiiTech is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions that enable organizations to integrate AIS technology, nautical charts, road maps, and Web technology. Our approach creates a Web platform where AIS technology and charts/maps can be merged together without compromise so that all users have everything at their fingertips. We are dedicated to using the latest AIS and Web technologies to create unique products and services for your consumer base.



Today almost 250,000 users access vesseltracker.com for real time data on ship positions, movements, history, ownership and management contact details. With a network of over 1200 AIS receiver stations processing 190,000 reports per minute it is possible for you to track over 40,000 vessels at any minute of the day, from anywhere in the world. Their services are customised to suite the challenges faced by companies and authorities requiring a complete overview of global ship movements.
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