A true story – worth to be told

German sailors have been rescued by the help of the AIS S.A.R.T technology.

Three persons were sailing in the North Sea with direction HELGOLAND. They had aboard VHF hand held radio and AIS S.A.R.T. devices. “We had rough sea and suddenly there was a big hit, shaking the whole ship”, the captain said later.

The result was a massive water inlet so they had to leaf the sinking ship. The next steps were very clear: MAYDAY MAYDAY emergency call, get the life raft ready and take the VHF radio and the German AIS S.A.R.T. device with them. Within minutes the sail yacht was down.

When entering the life raft, AIS S.A.R.T. device was activated manually which triggers a persistent emergency signal which could be received by every AIS receiver within transmission range. The transmitted signal contains current GPS position, as well as course and speed over ground of the life raft in distress.

The German Customs vessel HELGOLAND on his way from Cuxhaven received the AIS emergency signal in a distance of about eight nautical miles and started the rescue mission. They informed via VHF radio the victims about their upcoming arrival. “Not longer than 15 minutes we had to stay inside the life raft” said one of the blessed sailors.

Luck in the accident everyone is in good shape and the boat is the only thing got broken.

The German Customs officers were very surprised by the excellence performance of the AIS S.A.R.T. device. With bad conditions and high waves the life raft came insight less than 300 Meters. “We had no chance to see anything and the persistent transmitting of GPS position and SOG and COG has been our eyes for miles” one of the members of the crew said. “It’s nice to see pleasure boats being equipped with such a high quality stuff. These units have to become obligatory for every yacht”!

The rescued people are happy having AIS S.A.R.T technology with them and do absolutely emphasize the comment of the Customs vessel HELGOLAND. This true story shows how necessary and essential it is to use AIS S.A.R.T technology for saving lives at sea. Good AIS S.A.R.T equipment can be relied in an emergency.