easyAIS-IS A043

The easyAIS receives the AIS VHF radio signals, actually most send by the commercial vessels (but also from an increasing figure of pleasure boaters). These signals are proceeded into a NMEA Signal which can be interpreted from the latest chartplotter or a PC software. The unit has got an integrated antenna-splitter and this makes the installation of the unit to the existing VHF antenna very easy. By means of the integrated splitter with integrated RF-signal amplifier physical losses are eliminated, which is unique in nowadays market.

What is necessary to use the easyAIS-IS Generation?
There is necessary the own existing VHF antenna and nothing more. The VHF Radio as well as the regular radio can be connected to the easyAIS-IS.

Which Chart plotter/PC software fits together with the easyAIS?
Most of the nowadays new chart plotters or PC software are capable to show AIS data on the screen.

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