easyAIS-IS-N2K A105

The easyAIS-IS-N2K receives all AIS data send out on special VHF frequencies. Beside commercial vessels there is an increasing figure of pleassure boats using AIS technology to inform other vessels about their curse and speed over ground.

Take the “guess work” out of your navigation and see what’s going on around you. This will increase your safety level aboard.


The easyAIS receives the AIS VHF radio signals, acutally most send by the commercial vessels (but also from a increasing figure of pleasure boaters). This signals are proceeded into an NMEA Signal which can be interpreted from the latest chartplotter or a PC software. The unit has got an integrated splitter and this maked the installation of the unit to the existing VHF antenna very easy.

By means of the integrated splitter with incoming signal amplifier pysical losses are eliminated, which is unique in nowadays market.

The integrated NMEA2000 Adapter is the new part of this AIS transceiver unit. This enables to connect this AIS transceiver into the latest NMEA2000 network standard aboard.

What is necessary to use the easyAIS-IS Generation?
There is necessary the own existing VHF antenna and nothing more.The VHF Radio as well as the regular radio can be connected to the easyAIS-IS.

Which Chart plotter/PC software fits together with the easyAIS?
Most of the nowadays new chart plotters or PC software are capable to show AIS data on the screen.

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