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AIS goes mobile for more convenience aboard!

Weatherdock WiFi products are a quantum jump regarding the simplification of data use aboard. With the built-in WiFi module, an additional navigation place is created on your boat. Received AIS data are wirelessly linked to your mobile device. The latter can be a smartphone, tablet PC , iPhone or iPad.

To visualize data on your mobile device, Weatherdock offers a free App named “easyAIS”, which is available for download through the Apple store.

In case you are running a mobile device with lower screen resolution, we still recommand to use a suitable plotter with appropriate resolution for your safety.


The easyAIS-IS_WiFi receives the incoming AIS data sent by commercial vessels (Class A) and pleasure boats (Class B). These telegrams are processed into a NMEA protocol which can be interpreted by chart plotters or PC software. With the wireless link to your mobile device, these data will be promptly received there as well. The integrated antenna splitter allows you to share the existing VHF aerial for both, the VHF radio communication and the AIS reception.

Running the “easyAIS” app, you will see a radar screen appearing, showing allreceived AIS targets within range. A click on a target will prompt you detailed information to this specific target, such as ship’s name, speed and course over ground, etc.

fully compatible with popular AIS navigational Apps for iPad®, iPhone® or iPod®, e.g.
– iNavX (charged) A new licens for mobile device is mandatory.
– AIS Radar (charged)
– iPilot (charged)
fully compatible to charged Android-App iRegatta
fully compatible to Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (system running 32 bit)

What is necessary to use the easyAIS-IS_Wifi?

Required is an AIS compatible chart plotter or PC software. The mobile device has to have AIS compatible software or App too.

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