easyRX A067

The easyRX receives transmitted AIS data automatically and display these telegrams on your chart plotter or PC screen.


The easyRX receives Class A and Class B AIS signals with two built-in AIS receivers and has got a lot of safety and convenience functions:

The device comes up with an additional USB port to the existing Rs232 port. The easyRX has got an independent CPA alert algorithm to interpret incomming data immediately. It can also be used as a source for external CPA alert signal as well. The AIS receiver has got a SD Card recorder to enregister all data like it’s done by a “BlackBox”. Further units with different Baud rate can be connected by means of an integrated multiplex input. A selection by software between 38400 or 4800 Baud data rate is possible.

It is possible to program other VHF frequencies for creating a proprietary “closed user group”. The easyRX is developed for the usage as a receiving station

Requirements for the easyRX
You need separate VHF antenna for the easyRX. However, it works alternatively with easySPLIT OCB connected to the existing VHF antenna.

Which devices do fit to the easyRX?
Your PC must work at least on WIN XP Sp2 and have screen resolution 1024*768 at least for configuration. Plotter or PC software have to be intermateable to AIS to display incoming AIS data on screen.

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