easySPLIT A026

The easySPLIT is checking whether there is a transmission power from the VHF radio to the Antenna. If this is the case the easySPLIT disconnects very fast the other connected units, as there are the AIS receiver and the car radio.
If all the units are in reception mode, the units are all connected to the same antenna.

What is necessary to use the easySPLIT
As the easySPIT is a splitter, you do nothing else need than your (already) existing VHF antenna and of course a power supply.

What fits to the easySPLIT?
All existing VHF Radios, all existing AIS receivers and all existing FM radios can be connected to the easySPLIT. Nevertheless the optimum performance is achieved if you use other units from the Weatherdock AG company, because these units are designed to work together in a perfect way.

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