With the easyWATCHBOX it is possible to be informed about the most important dangerous exposures in pleasure boating within only one box:

  • CPA alert for collusion potentials
  • AIS S.A.R.T. alert for incoming emergency signals
  • Battery low

To be single handed aboard don’t gives you the time to watch out the chartplotter for danger potentials every minute. In these situations it is very useful to be informed automatically.

The easyWATCHBOX will be integrated into the data stream between the AIS device and the chartplotter or PC/Laptop. Now the incoming AIS data are analyzed for special parameters. If one of these figures is triggered, for example AIS S.A.R.T. emergency signal, the unit starts alerting by visual and acoustic signals.

By means of two buttons it is possible to adjust the time and distance figures for the CPA alert.

The triggered alert could be muted by button. But only this special case. If another dangerous situation comes up, the alert will go on again.

This CPA alert function can be disarmed by pressing two buttons at the same time.

The next alerting function is “Battery Low”. By means of being plugged to the boats power supply, the current voltage is checked by the easyWATCHBOX. If a special voltage level is undershot, the unit starts alerting.

To use the easyWATCHBOX an AIS Receiver or Transceiver is the only request.

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